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Online Crime Report

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  3. Incident Type

    There are several different incident types that can be reported on line.  Below is a description of each type and an example.  If the incident has a known suspect, you should call the Fort Morgan Police Department Dispatch at 970-867-5678.
    Incident TypeDefinitionExamples
    Fraudulent use of   Checks/Credit Cards/Debit CardsAn individual knowingly uses a credit or debit card without the owner’s permission.You receive notification your credit card has been used to purchase goods or services or you notice unauthorized transactions on your statement.
    Harassing Phone CallUnwanted phone calls of an annoying, harassing, or threatening nature.Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.
    ID TheftAn individual knowingly uses another person's personal or financial identifying information or a device such as their check or credit card to make a payment or obtain anything of value.Someone has used your social security number and other personal information to open a loan, bank account or credit card or someone used your social security number to file a tax return to collect your refund.
    Informational ReportThis is an information only report only (non-criminal report) and should be used when no crime has been committed and no further follow-up will be completed.Any information you wish to have on file or documented with the police department with no expectation of contact or follow-up.
    Lost PropertyWhen property is missing or lost.Property that is missing, leaving items in restaurant, or missing from home.
    ScamsAn individual intentionally uses deception for monetary or personal gain.You receive a phone call that you have a warrant for your arrest, and you need to immediately send gift cards, or you owe taxes that must be paid immediately, and you are required to wire funds.
    Supplemental ReportYou can use this form to add information to previously filed reports.You discover additional items are missing after your report has been approved, you learn new information related to your previous report that was approved, etc.
    TheftYour property is taken without your permission.Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Theft of   Services, Gas Drive offs, and Bike Thefts are all considered theft. Lost property is not a theft.
    Theft from a VehicleProperty is stolen from a motor vehicle.Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle.
    VandalismThe act of changing, modifying, or defacing public or private property.Graffiti, knocking over mailbox, throwing rock through windows, etc.
    Vandalism to a VehicleDamage to your motor vehicle.

    Someone keys your vehicle, breaks a tail/head light or mirror, or causes some other type of damage to your vehicle.
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