Fort Morgan Youth Commission

The Fort Morgan Youth Commission (FMYC) is a joint effort with two primary stakeholders, the City of Fort Morgan and Fort Morgan High School. This commission will consist of five to eight selected students who show the interest and desire to participate in the workings of their local government and in making the community of Fort Morgan a better place for all who live here.

The FMYC shall study, investigate, plan, implement and advise the City Council on matters related to youth in our community.  In general the FMYC is charged with developing and promulgating policies, programs and services that empower, support, engage and inform youth; that create a family-friendly community; and that enable and encourage youth to be productive members of the community. The FMYC shall serve as an advisory body to the City Council on all matters dealing with youth. Through this process, the student members can expect to gain a thorough and deep understanding of how city government works and the complexities involved in providing a broad range of services to a diverse population.

Supporting Roles:

Fort Morgan High School Staff: Assist with the creation, organization and leadership of the FMYC.  Offer direction, guidance and understanding to the students involved.  Supervise and schedule additional outside meetings when needed.  Promote and develop FMYC into a functional group of young people.   

City of Fort Morgan Staff: Provide financial support to the group, as well as additional direction and leadership. Assist in identification of community needs, projects and youth activities.

Leadership Staff:

Clint Anderson – Fort Morgan City Council liaison

Greg Edson – Fort Morgan High School FMYC lead instructor

Ty Hamer – City of Fort Morgan Support Staff

Students will be selected through an application process and appointed by the City Council.  Interested students are required to fill out and submit the FMYC application along with a letter of recommendation from Fort Morgan High School staff or a personal mentor adult citizen of Fort Morgan. Once applications are received and approved by support staff the applications will be presented to City Council at which time students will be appointed to the commission. Click the link below to apply!

Fort Morgan Youth Commission Application