Seasonal Notes

Summer - Mosquitos

The City of Fort Morgan is contracted with Vector Disease Control International in the area for the surveillance and control of mosquitoes. Please visit Vector Disease Control International's website for detailed information on mosquito control, tips for homeowners, and pesticide-related information.

Call Vector Disease Control's automated Mosquito Control Hotline at (303) 428-5908 or Toll free 1-877-276-4306 to report any potential mosquito habitat areas, mosquito infestations, or any other mosquito-related concerns.

Fall - Leaf Pickup Program

The City of Fort Morgan Street Department removes leaves from along curbs from mid-October through mid-November during the fall leaf pickup program. During this time, leaves can be placed in established piles two feet away from the curb. Please do not park cars near piles of leaves or place tree limbs or other items in the streets.

Winter - Snow Falling / Park Off City Streets

During the winter season, when the snow is falling, please park all vehicles off City streets. This will allow our City street crews better access to clear the snow and ice from our roads. “Thank you!” To view the City's snow removal map, and other City maps, visit our Street Department.

Spring - Spring Cleanup Program

Spring Cleanup usually occurs during the last week of March. The City informs citizens of the exact dates this will take place with a notice in the local newspaper. Residents are encouraged to use this time to dispose of a variety of household items along with yard trash for free. During this time residents are allowed to place oversized items by trash dumpsters in the alleys and residents with no alley can place items near the curb. City crews will pick up the items during Spring Cleanup and take them to the landfill at no charge.