The Fort Morgan Police Department is comprised of four teams with one sergeant and up to four officers. The investigations unit consists of one detective sergeant and four detectives. Additional divisions within the department are community resources and school resources.


Campbell KSgt. Kevin Campbell

Anguiano PSgt. Palmer Anguiano

Iungerich JSgt. Jared Iungerich

Renteria JSgt. Jon Renteria


Marquez DCpl. David Marquez

Campbell WCpl. Wayne Campbell

Hochanadel JCpl. Joe Hochanadel

Creech CCpl. Caleb Creech


Malone TSRO Tim Malone

Gagliano TSRO Tony Gagliano

Daymil FOfficer Franki Daymil

Chaparro A Officer Anthony Chaparro

Mendoza POfficer Paul Mendoza

Bagnall BOfficer Brian Bagnall

Larson JOfficer Jared Larson

Montalvo MOfficer Marcos Montalvo

Brown AOfficer Austin Brown

Dabbs T 06.08.21Officer Tekiah Dabbs

Lunog, Z 06.08.21Officer Zachary Lunog

Quick 07.27.2021

Officer Dusty Quick

Investigations Division

Schiel EDet. Sgt. Evan Schiel

Thyne TDet. Ted Thyne

Bencomo WDet. William Bencomo

Shuttleworth KDet. Kaden Shuttleworth

Duran GDet. Grant Duran