In Memoriam

Marshal Charles P. Eyser 1856-1916

Marshal Charles P. Eyser
Marshal Charles P. Eyser Charles Eyser was killed in the line of duty on September 30,1916, during the investigation of a supply of illegal alcohol. Responding to a tip, Marshal Eyser had confronted two suspects and requested to search their room. They claimed they did not have a key and Marshal Eyser let them go.

Later that same day, Marshal Eyser again confronted the two suspects and when he attempted to search the two men, a gun fight erupted. Marshal Eyser was fatally shot through the heart.

“Big” John Swan was later convicted of the murder. On April 30, 1917, he escaped from the county jail and was never seen again.

Officer Fred Rehmer 1952-1982

Officer Fred Rehmer
Officer Fred Rehmer Officer Fred Rehmer died in the line of duty on December 18, 1982. He was responding to a call where a deadly weapon was reportedly being used in an assault. Officer Rehmer was driving his patrol vehicle to the scene with overhead lights and siren activated.

When he attempted to pass a vehicle on the left, the vehicle unexpectedly turned into Officer Rehmer’s path. The vehicles collided and Officers Rehmer’s patrol vehicle was forced off the roadway and into a tree, resulting in Officer Rehmer’s death.

“Words are hard to come by. The Department has suffered a great loss, and the community has suffered a great loss,”

Chief Harold Davisson, 12/22/1982.