Specialized Assignments

Bicycle Patrol

Our Bicycle Patrol Unit consists of Officers, who have received special training in patrol tactics using a bicycle.

When on duty, time is spent between vehicle patrol and bicycle patrol. Bicycle Patrol Officers patrol the streets just as normal officers do from their cars, only from a bicycle. However, these officers can often go places a patrol vehicle cannot go and can respond unnoticed when necessary.

Manpower and weather permitting, a Bicycle Patrol officer can be seen almost any day of the year.

Field Training Officer (FTO)

The Field Training Officer Program is a highly structured program designed to fill the need for on-the-job training in law enforcement. It is administered through the patrol division to maintain content validity and decrease the possibility for staff versus line conflict.

Training is completed in phases allowing the trainee a gradual exposure to the varied skills required of a police officer and to the various shifts and geographical areas of the City.

Generally, officers will complete a 14-week program, but this may be extended or reduced for training, personal or administrative reasons.

Two to three officers are usually assigned as Field Training Officers at any given time.

Firearms Instructor

The Fort Morgan Police Department maintains firearms instructor/range officer positions. These officers are responsible for establishing and conducting safe training and qualification standards for handguns, shotguns and patrol rifles at the police shooting range and in the classroom.

This person issues and safety checks over 55 department-owned and issued duty weapons and maintains and distributes the Department's supply of training and duty ammunition.

To ensure that the Department offers the citizens of Fort Morgan only the best-trained and safest officers, the Fort Morgan Police Department's standards for firearms training and qualifications are much more strict and demanding than the standards set by the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) board.


A Detective's duties include being available 24 hours a day to assist officers on the street to complete an investigation. This could include fingerprinting, photographing, collecting blood samples and making shoe casts at a crime scene.

Detectives also spend a lot of time interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance of undercover drug purchases, preserving evidence, completing search warrants, testifying in court and assisting patrol officers in putting a case together to file with the District Attorney.

K-9 Program

K-9 units are trained in narcotics detection, patrol work and tracking and are teamed with an officer. 

Special Response Team (SRT)

When it is necessary for the Fort Morgan Police Department to manage incidents that are beyond the scope of normal operations the Special Response Team is maintained to supplement other Departmental resources.

SRT is comprised of a tactical unit, a negotiations unit and a medical unit that are specially trained and equipped to respond and handle such incidents. Examples of incidents include but are not limited to hostage incidents, armed and barricaded suspect situations, high-risk warrant service and narcotics tactical operations.

The SRT Team consists of officers of the Fort Morgan Police Department and Morgan County law enforcement agencies.

Technical Accident Investigations

The Fort Morgan Police Department has investigated as many as 412 traffic accidents in a single year. Generally, patrol officers investigate all traffic accidents. While the majority of traffic accidents are minor accidents with slight to moderate damage, there are some serious accidents that may require more in-depth and thorough investigation.

When this occurs, the Department has officers who have been certified to investigate these more serious accidents. 

While minor fender benders usually require about 30 minutes on-scene to investigate the accident, and then 30 minutes for the report, a serious accident can require several hours of on-scene investigation, accident reconstruction, diagrams and other specialized tasks associated with the accident.