Meet Some of Our Friends

Our Favorite Artists

Okay, we admit it, we like people who like us. We also really like people who support us and our mission, especially the part about the art and culture of the area. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite artists. Listing every talented artist from the region is really a website in itself. We are listing here a few whom we think capture the spirit of the area and can always be counted on to help us out when we call.

Dawn Weimer Sculptor

Dawn Weimer

Dawn Weimer is a western artist, sculptor, and Fort Morgan native. Her ongoing support of the Fort Morgan Museum is greatly appreciated. The Museum-Library Complex has greatly benefited from her talent. We have Annie the Railroad Dog standing guard outside and Mother of the Plains greeting visitors in the main lobby.

Monte White

Monte White's pieces portray both the reality and romanticism of the ranch life he knows so well, as he and his wife are working ranchers. We're not sure when he finds time to draw, but are grateful he shares some of the results with us. Monte's art can be seen at the Loch Vale Gallery.

Karol Mack

While at the Loch Vale site be sure to view the art of Karol Mack. Karol comes from an old Morgan County family. While she doesn't live in the area anymore, she still supports the region through special shows and other projects.

Pamela Brown

All you have to do is just say her name and it conjures up images of the strength and steadfastness she portrays with simple watercolors and the magic of her brush. And speaking of magic, her next piece will show the delicacy of a cactus flower. Whatever she paints is a treat for the rest of us. Pam doesn't have a website, but be sure to visit her at the Sand Creek Gallery in Akron.

Monte White drawing

Karol Mack Artwork