Rules of Use


Use of the room is free. A $50 deposit is required by all outside groups who will be having food or a messy project.

Conference Room Equipment

The room is furnished with tables, chairs, a white board, and a video screen. All other equipment needs are the responsibility of the reserving group.

No items are to be adhered to the walls. This includes, but is not limited to, tape, glue, self-sticking paper, and nails.

Groups that are engaging in craft or other activities that may cause damage are required to cover and protect all surfaces.

Food & Drink

The kitchenette is equipped for light refreshments only. No food preparation is to be done in the Community Room. Catering is permitted.

No red or strongly-colored drinks, frosting, or other food that may discolor the furniture or floor are allowed.

The Community Room is not furnished with coffee or other food service tools and equipment.

Other Information

  • There is no smoking or alcohol allowed in the building.
  • Organizations cannot charge a fee for events held in the Conference Room.
  • All advertising, except that incidental to the current program, and all sale of merchandise or other materials is forbidden on the premises.
  • Activities are to be confined to the Community Room.
  • Please remember this building houses a library and museum and keep noise levels at a low level.
  • Damage to the room will be charged to the organization responsible.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time by notifying the reservation holder. Any application will be rejected, and previously-granted permission suspended, for the violation of the rules or conduct of the building policy at the absolute discretion of the Museum Director or representative.
  • The Fort Morgan Museum, the Fort Morgan Heritage Foundation, the Fort Morgan Public Library, and the City of Fort Morgan assume no liability for personal injury, property loss, or any other loss or injury incurred by person or persons reserving and using the Community Room.