Gas Department


For emergencies that occur after normal business hours, please call the Utility Billing Office at (970) 867-4350 and the employee on for the Department will respond.

Gas Department Employees

The Department consists of eight full-time employees, including a Gas Superintendent, Gas Foreman, four Gas System Workers, one Utility Service Operator, and one Meter Technician. Contacts for the Gas Department are the Gas Superintendent and the Gas Foreman who can be reached at (970) 542-3910.

Municipal Gas System

The City of Fort Morgan Municipal Gas System began operations in 1955. The system currently consists of 99 miles of distribution mains within the City limits and in the systems-certified area of Morgan County. The system serves approximately 4,500 customers, using 4,200 service lines that average 85 feet in length. The system provides some of the lowest rates in the State to customers.

Gas is currently purchased from the Nebraska Public Gas Agency (NPGA) and is transported through the Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG) pipeline system to the City's five receipt points in the system. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the U.S. Department of Transportation govern the Gas Department for fairness to customers in rates and regulations, and for safety of the system.