Library Advisory Board


  • 4:30 pm
  • Third Monday of each month
  • Children's Library


Agendas are available online.
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Current Voting Members
Term Ends
VACANT December 31, 20XX
Debra Olson (Chairman) December 31, 2021
Sandra Schmeeckle (Vice Chairman) December 31, 2022
Lannette Gimbel  December 31, 2021
Robert Snyder December 31, 2023
VACANT December 31, 20XX
Abigail Patterson December 31, 2022

Current Non-Voting City Liaison: Brian Urdiales (Councilmember), Ty Hamer, Director of Community Services and Economic Development and Chandra McCoy, Director of Library and Museum Services .

Library Board Bylaws

View the most recent Library Board Bylaws (last revised May 13, 2021). Additions or revisions to these bylaws may occur at any time by action of the City Council. If questions arise or further information is needed, please contact City Administration at (970) 542-3960.


The Library Board consists of seven members who serve three-year staggered terms. Duties include preparing a Master Plan for development and operation of the Fort Morgan Public Library; making recommendations for the supervision, care, and custody of Library facilities and property; assisting in development of a proposed budget; advising in the selection of a Library Director; and formulating policies, rules, and regulations to govern usage of the Library.