Fire Department


The responsibility of the Fire Department is to respond, upon request, to emergencies and aid citizens at an incident beyond their control, in an effort to prevent or reduce the loss of life or property.

Types of emergencies include medical assists, auto accidents, all types of fires, and hazardous materials spills or leaks. The department responds to an average of 420 calls each year. In addition, the Fire Department seeks opportunities to serve the public by providing public education and fire inspections.

Volunteer Fire Department

If you are interested in being a volunteer firefighter, please call the Fire Department at (970) 867-2815 or visit our website at

The Fort Morgan Fire Department is a volunteer department. The City can have as many as 35 volunteers that make up the volunteer staff including:
  • Fire Chief
  • Assistant Fire Chief
  • First Captain
  • Second Captain
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Firefighters
There are two full-time emergency response technicians and one full-time Fire Marshal employed by the City, which all report to the Fire Chief. The minimum age requirement to be a volunteer is 21.